Eidolon – A Social Media Assistant

the homescreen of Eidolon.

the homescreen of Eidolon.


Spring 2016


Concept App


Eidolon, an idealized person or thing, is a concept app designed to take some of the difficulties of managing multiple social networking channels and funnel them into a singular calendar-style schedule; and more importantly, building in a simpler set of rules and language for practically anyone to pickup the app.


The interface was crafted around keeping ‘fiddly’ controls to a minimum; a system of familiar UI patterns and focused visuals helps users understand the flow and what is in the schedule.

This concept app was purposefully designed for small groups or creative individuals to manage their professional accounts like Instagram and Twitter in a consistent and meaningful way. With the rise in popularity of Buffer and Hootsuite, and the increasing complexity of these sophisticated tools - I feel a well-designed, simpler, and more focused app is a much needed counterpoint.